Welcome to KC Truck Systems Inc.

As the name suggests, KC Truck Systems Inc. (KCTS to our friends and family) is a Kansas City, Missouri based truck upfitter. KCTS focuses primarily on Ford Transit and Ford F Series Truck upfits. KCTS specializes in alternative fuel conversion kit installation and is strategically located at 7703 NE 38th Street, a little over 3 miles from the Ford KC Assembly Plant. This proximity to the KC Assembly Plant gives KCTS the ability to quickly and easily receive vehicles from the plant. The KCTS team can quickly upfit your Ford Truck or Transit and, as a Ford approved Quality Vehicle Manufacturer (QVM) with ship-thru status, (F-150 and Transits out KCAP Ship-Thru Code 315, KC Assembly Plant Code D9K, Super Duty at KTP Ship-Thru 319, Kentucky Plant Code D9E) the KCTS team can put your vehicle back into Ford traffic, saving you time, money and logistical hassles.